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RS No. 9 Carnaby St.

No. 9 All Over Print Vegan Leather Carnaby Pouch

Located on the world renowned Carnaby Street in the West End of London, this brand new exciting Rolling Stones flagship store is inside a beautiful historic building under the famous Spirit of Soho mural. Carnaby Street’s history of music, art and retail from the 1960’s to the present day is the perfect setting for the Rolling Stones.

The 9 Carnaby Collection represents the brand vision for RS No. 9 Carnaby. With contemporary and minimalist details fused with Stones Red, these exclusive products are only available at RS No. 9 Carnaby online or in store.

This isn’t just another retail shop. This is designed to be the ultimate experience for Rolling Stones fans young and old.

Exclusive to the No. 9 Carnaby Experience. The No. 9 All Over Print Vegan Leather Carnaby Pouch features rinted black and white tongue logos all over, as well as a red Rolling Stones No. 9 Carnaby label woven on one side.

- Polyurethane print - Measures 6" x 8.5"

Vegan leather